When we moved to Texas in 2003, the first thing we fell in love with was the kick you get from using authentic, Texas grown herbs and spices in our family recipes. After years of experimenting with incorporating said spices into our food, we came up with an idea: why not put the "Texas kick" into a pizza? We had toyed around with making homemade pizza in the past, but once we gave it a Texan taste, it became a modern household hit. Friends and family from across the country tried our take on Texas Style pizza and immediately demanded more. So, we used the same Texas kick and implemented it into another, similar culinary area lacking the taste of Texas: pasta sauce. After receiving equally supportive feedback on our Texan pasta sauce, we decided to start Texas Parcel to spread the Texas kick in the foods we love, all over the country. Try our Texas Parcel authentic Texas style sauce today to see for yourself how adding the kick of Texas spices to your food is the "best legal way to improve your day."